On Scene: Desert Storm Street Party

As a journalist, there are not many better opportunities to see as many people in the industry as the Desert Storm Poker Run in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., thanks to the event’s massive Street Party. Unfortunately, besides taking pictures, there’s usually not a lot in the way of “news” when it comes to the event…although the gathering of stories, upcoming news, features and more for the website and our digital magazine is outstanding.

As usual the DCB contingent was in full force at the poker run street party with both of the company's M41 Widebody catamarans and a handful of M35, M31 and M29 models on display.

The DCB contingent was in full force at the Street Party with both of the company’s M41 Widebody catamarans and several M35, M31 and M29 models.

This year was no different as Matt Trulio and I spent plenty of time Thursday at the speedonthewater.com promotional trailer and were able to shake hands and showcase what the site is all about from there. Throughout the event though, we took turns hiking up or down McCulloch Blvd. to do some news gathering and capture images from the beautiful Lake Havasu day.

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