Outerlimits Adding Separate Production Line for 36-footer


To meet growing demand for the semi-custom SL 36 V-bottom it introduced last year, Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats is adding a second production line and crew in its 84,000-square-foot facility specifically to produce the 36-footer. That means, according to company principal Mike Fiore, that the Bristol, R.I., boat builder is in the process of hiring six more people.

“Between dealer and client orders right now, we have six 36s in the pipeline that we need to build,” said Fiore. “Having a separate line for the 36 will enable us to train a special crew just to build the 36 rather than our completely custom boats. It enables us streamline and increase efficiency, which, combined with our construction technologies, will reduce the cost of building the boat by 10 percent.

Performance Boat Center in Camdenton, Mo., is the exclusive dealer for the Outerlimts SL 36. The first model delivered to the dealer was powered by a pair of Mercury Racing 520 engines. With that power packages, the 36-footer reportedly reached 99 mph.

“We are working to lower the price of the boat,” he added. “With the lack of new semi-custom boats on the market today, we see a great opportunity. Would you rather have a state-of-the-art semi-custom Outerlimits 36 or something that is of lesser construction quality, a little older and nearing the end of its lifecycle?”

In related Outerlimits news, Fiore said the company’s second 46-foot catamaran (look for a comprehensive feature on this model in Speed On The Water digital magazine later this year) is in lamination and rigging on the first model will begin in four weeks.

“We’re just finishing up the deck tooling on the 46 cat,” said Fiore. “We’re going with dedicated deck tooling for quality and consistency.”

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