Speedonthewater.com Announces Changes and Plans for 2016

Speedonthewater.com readers and advertisers can expect to enjoy significant changes to our editorial product portfolio this year, starting with a complete redesign of the site and its supporting app. While our last site redesign moved it in the mobile device friendly direction, it was simply one step. The next iteration of the site and app we’ll be far easier to navigate, view and interact with via phones and tablets. To a lesser extent, we’ll also be retooling our weekly newsletter.


Speedonthewater.com will continue to publish the work of the most talented professional photographers in the game, including Pete Boden. Photo courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

• With our first print magazine shipping on Jan. 12, we’re already making plans for our second issue. Like the inaugural edition, the 2016 issue will be a Special Collectors’ Edition capturing the best of what we hope will be another spectacular year for the go-fast powerboat world. This time around, however, we’re making plans to ensure the magazine will reach subscribers by Christmas. (That was our goal this year, but for completely correctable—in hindsight— reasons we fell short of reaching it.)

• As announced in December, veteran marine journalist Eric Colby will be joining the speedonthewater.com editorial team. We’re already working with Colby to develop stories for both the website and our bi-monthly digital magazine. And we’ll need his help, as we plan to get our digital issue up to 100 pages this year.

• Noted engine builder Ron Potter of Potter Performance Engines will be working closely with us to develop a regular department for the site and digital magazine on engine upgrades and maintenance. We’re looking forward to Potter’s contributions.

• Last, we will continue to work with and support the talented photographers who cover go-fast boating including Pete Boden, Erick Bryner, Brad Glidewell, Jay Nichols, Tim Sharkey, Jim Winters, Devin Williams and Yvonne Aleman. We’re proud to be associated with and publish the images of established talents such as Boden, and up-and-comers such as Aleman. And we’ll continue to publish news and features from the performance-boat world seven days a week.

To order the 2015 Speed On The Water Special Collectors’ Edition print issue click here.