Xtreme Powerboats New Dealer for Spectre Offshore Performance

In an effort to bring more attention to its Spectre 35CC models in Southeast Florida, Spectre Offshore Performance Marine owner Jay Pilini announced he is teaming with former racing rival Larry Goldman of Xtreme Powerboats in Miami. Goldman, who has found success selling the new 42V center console from Marine Technology Inc., as well as the Wentzville, Mo., company’s high-performance catamarans, is excited about the opportunity to offer the new 35-foot center consoles from the Clearwater, Fla., builder.

Spectre Offshore Performance Marine recently added a new dealer—Xtreme Powerboats—to help boost the company's 35CC sales.Spectre Offshore Performance Marine recently added a new dealer—Xtreme Powerboats—to help boost its 35CC sales.

“I’ve always respected Jay and what he’s done with his business,” Goldman told speedonthewater.com at the poker run village during the Florida Powerboat Club Key West Poker Run. “It’s kind of funny because we were always rivals in the ’90s and early 2000s when I raced Motion catamarans, and now I’m coming to him and wanting to sell his boat. Jay and his Spectre cats were always the toughest competition. It’s hard to believe that almost a decade has past since those days, but here we are, and Jay builds a quality boat for an affordable price.

“The 35CC is a great boat when you consider you can get into it for less than $200,000,” continued Goldman, who is joining a list of Spectre dealers that includes Agles Motorsports in Cape Coral, Fla., Thunder Marine in St. Petersburg, Fla., ProTechnologies in Brick, N.J., and MDG Performance Marine in Edgewater, Md. “It’s going to be a challenge bringing the boat over to the East Coast because there are so many good builders over here—it’s a very competitive market for sure. But we have some ideas and we have some clients who want to get into a performance center console but aren’t ready or don’t have half-a-million dollars to spend on the ultimate luxury center console from MTI.”

When discussing the new 35-footer, which he said can be built with endless options, from the poker run village, Pilini described the boat as efficient with predictable handling thanks to its non-stepped bottom. He also said the boat with twin Mercury Verado 300s tops out around 63 mph and cruises at 46 mph while consuming a friendly 1.6 mpg. All of those are factors he said gives people a chance to get on the water without breaking the bank.

Although he doesn’t plan on building any catamarans in the near future, Pilini did say that the next boat from Spectre would most likely be a larger center console model. “We’ll probably go up to a 39- or 40-footer, but for now we still have a lot of upgrades we want to do with the 35 before we jump up to the bigger stuff.”

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